Combat Designer, Producer, & FX Artist

ZOG the Robot
May 2012 - June 2013

The one-armed damaged robot, ZOG, is our 20+ team attempt at creating an action game 'vertical slice.'

Have you ever tried organizing a communication, delivery or meeting schedule for 20+ college students?
It was a necessary responsibility that allowed me the leadership opportunity to design, implement, and balance a complex combat system. Through many sleepless nights, I also worked on various visual effects including slow-down, camera shake, and distortions for one purpose; to make you, the player, feel awesome.

Cadence Combat System Design Documentation

Jamie Griesemer, Gameplay Design Lead for the Halo franchise, gave a talk called Design in Detail. Here he presented the idea of Cadence as a component of Flow Theory. Curious about this, I designed the combat system to explore this idea and tuned it using extensive play of Darksiders, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

ZOG the Robot Trailer

ZOG the Robot - Combat Design Explained