Interaction Design & Visual Design - Optical Lens Market

Eye Care Professional ordering portal, Sogeti Consultant
March 2016 - July 2016

The project started as a micro pilot to reduce the overhead for Eye Care Professionals by introducing a new model for ordering frames. I overhauled the visual presentation after performing an expert review of the micropilot and helped redefine the online experience of this portal by presenting wireframes to the business to understand and sort through problems while delivering detailed annotations to the development team to ensure a quality experience across the portal.

Difficult to notice in just a screenshot, experience improvements included:

  • Reduced the effort required by an ECP to make a decision by removing unneccessary content and incorporating a better visual hierarchy.
  • Simplified the 'Order Frame' form by incorporating usability best practices such as avoiding drop-downs for data with only a few options.
  • Overhauled the organization of frame content so color and size were no longer combined into a large carousel which was reducing the discoverability of options the ECP could present to their customers.


High Fidelity Wireframes

AFTER the redesign

AFTER the redesign

BEFORE the redesign

FD Before


Style Guide

A simple style-guide was created to blend the branding of an affiliated member site with this new portal's redesign.