Game Project Director & System Designer

Critical Decisions, Value Games Initiative, & Digital Calculus Coach
Aug 2009 - Jun 2011, Jun 2013 - July 2014

How can you use the power of interaction to:

  • Supplement the teaching of a college level 'weed-out' course?
  • Facilitate thought provoking discussion about the social implications of future technology?
  • Teach a medical student to apply their vast medical knowledge without wasting hospital resources or harming a patient?

These were the questions that drove us in our research initiatives led by, Dr. Monica Evans, Ph.D.

While a student at UT Dallas, it was my privilege to tackle these difficult questions by designing systems of interactions that influence behavior.

After graduating, I was requested back to organize and guide a new set of developers to tackle another difficult challenge; teaching Medical Students. This meant getting a group of Game Developers to communicate with a group of Surgeons. It was my responsibility to look past the jargon and design a simulation so these two incredibly talented, but incredibly different, groups of people could work together to make something ground breaking.