Finalist out of 850+ entries in an international competition, Indiecade.
Featured at the Dallas Museum of Arts: Late Nights and the Social Science: Identity at the Perot Museum.

Interaction Designer & Producer

Spring 2012 - Fall 2014

Built by a small team of five crazy and talented friends, we hacked together an outdoor canopy, sleeping bags, a hand made projection screen, PlayStation Move controllers, a mirror, and twiddly knobs to create a one-of-a-kind interactive gallery experience about the sharing of story and myth.

Constellation offered such a weird form of engagement that our biggest challenge was designing an intuitive interaction model that strangers ranging from kids to seniors with varying levels of gaming literacy could enjoy. Every showing we had of Constellation was another opportunity to learn about the various gallery goers. This project was the most challenging in terms of developing a level of empathy for a user vastly different than myself.


Constellation Trailer