User Experience Designer, Tekzenit

AT&T eStrategy
Aug 2013 - April 2015

As part of the 'Registration' work-stream, my challenge became improving the on-boarding process and profile management system for users. Inspired by Facebook, OkCupid, and LinkedIN, we developed a brand-new system that not only improved AT&T's SUS score by 30% over the industry standard, but (through sheer force of will) met AT&T's Legal and Security approval!

I had one personal goal on this project; make Web Forms suck less.

We were dealing with the initial registration forms that were keeping people from using the service they purchased. I really focused on improving the usability of web forms using the techniques tested by Luke Wrobleski, Baymard Institute, and the Nielsen-Norman Group. But that wasn't enough. Strategically, there was a relationship forming between AT&T and their users through the conversation of the web from. By considering this, and applying the player motivation lessons learned as a Game Designer, I created a set of guidelines that were used across the project by 40+ other UX Designers.

Examples of work and research available upon request.