Balance of Power awarded 1st place and Excellence in Innovation in the Computer Gaming Entrepreneurship Competition.

Lead Designer & Co-Founder of 5 Minute Games

Balance of Power, Famished Farm Animal Frenzy, & Boogie Woogie
Sept 2008 - 2011

Balance of Power started as a fun side-project that I was inspired to make after watching friends play Metal Gear Solid 4. Through hard-work and dedication it provided us the seed money to start a mobile games company where we released a total of 3 applications for iOS and Android.

As Lead Designer & Co-Founder of my own mobile games company, I learned mostly what NOT to do both as an entrepreneur and a designer. As a result, I can't yet lead someone to success, but I've been able to guide others how to avoid the same failures.

5 Minute Games was instrumental in my growth as a person.