Patient Care Mobile Application - Healthcare

Prototyping - A mobile application to help patients better manage their care, Sogeti Manager
Aug 2017 - Oct 17

Lead a team of eight experience and visual designers onsite and remote to construct an interactive prototype of nearly a dozen task flows and alternatives by designing screen flows and providing guidance for the visual style guidelines. Coordinate and lead daily stand-ups with the internal team, daily sync-up calls with the client including over a dozen participants, and two rounds of user testing by engaging and incorporating feedback from the user research team. Established timelines and delegate required outputs from the team.

The third round of user testing feedback resulted in a SUS score of 80 with 77% of participants promoters and 0% detractors for the proposed experience.

Process Flow Diagram

The first step in digitizing a manual process with complex business rules is to document and simplify the process. This artifact was presented to the Secretary Treasurer for approval. Pleased with our direction, we could move forward with the design phase.


Screen Flow Diagram

The power of mobile applications lie in their ability to offer sophisticated transitions, using animation and position to further enhance their usability. To track the complexity of potential interaction, I created a Screen Flow Diagram for our developers to understand the relationship between screens.


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Because this mobile application and desktop site would be built using defined templates, low fidelity mock-ups provided a lean way to communicate ideas and also gave flexibility to the developers as they tried working with new tools and old technology.


Higher Fidelity Wireframes

These higher fidelity wireframes provided context for the developers to understand the visual direction I was trying to achieve, despite the limited flexibility of the existing application.