User Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design - Airline Pilots Association

Mobile App and Responsive Web Strategy, Sogeti Consultant
February 2018 - May 2018

A new interaction model for their mobile application was designed, allowing the pilot to access information they needed with less guessing.

I was brought on to assist with improving the usability of their mobile application for Pilots as part of a re-platform. This was due to the client's growing awareness of UX as a result of work done in late 2017 when, while assisting the QA lead during a crunch period, I established a new responsive web style guide to address some of the glaring usability issues in their current internal tools.

User Research & Information Architecture

Cataloging all the functionality of their existing mobile application, a sequence of open card sorting activities (including Level of Importance) and closed card sorting activities (including Fit Confidence) were performed with pilots to better understand their mental model for organizing their work related content.

A Similarity Matrix and Dendrogram cluster analysis of data collected during the Open Card sort of 5 pilots provided insights enabling us to establish a new category hierarchy. 

A Correlation Table of quantitative data collected during the closed card sort (including fit confidence) of 24 pilots provided us with actionable information on what categories were understood by pilots and what categories needed further refinement.



Based on this organization a new interaction model was designed, allowing the pilot to access information they needed with less guessing. Annotated layouts were developed using the Style Guide I designed previously for their responsive web initiative, tweaked for a mobile experience, to ensure the application matched the design intention.

Layout iPhone Filter.png
Layout iPad Copy 6.png