Design Leadership, UX Management, & Interaction Design- Healthcare

Mobile Application for Oncology patients, Sogeti Consultant
September 2017 - October 2017


  • In 6 weeks, created 2 interactive prototypes of high fidelity screens for user testing which included a dozen task flows and over 100 screens.

  • User Testing Results: 77% Promoters with 0% Detractors and a SUS of 80 (Top 10% of systems)

  • A client that was ready to drop our partnership before I arrived is now favorable to our organization

Challenge - Situation (What I walked into)

  • Missed expectations on output (our leadership over promised what could be delivered in the timeframe)

  •  A UX Consultant was underperforming and not pushing the client.

  • Large optics from our organization including top leadership.

Challenge - User Experience (A complicated client with a complicated end user)

  • How do you design an experience for a person who is dying and may never recover? How do you design for someone with failing mental capabilities that often does not want to hear the information your interface needs to tell?

  • Minimal user research data from the previous consultant

  • Sell and deliver for an end user far removed from our organization. The end users were our organization’s client’s customers’s customer.

Activities (How we overcame the challenge)

  • In two days created a mock-up that kept the client from dropping us that week.

  • Led a fireteam of eight experience and creative designers.

    • Coordinate with a mostly remote design team.

    • Managed timelines, expectations, and distributed workloads.

  • Led the daily UX sync-up and presentation calls with over a dozen people including client and Sogeti leadership.

  • Coordinated with User View, the other partner the client was working with to conduct usability tests.

Output Samples


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High Fidelity and Style Guide